How do I start?
To begin the process, simply complete the “Commercial Property Tax Grievance Analysis” form. Our commercial accounts manager will contact you shortly to collect any additional information needed to conduct a preliminary analysis.


How does the process work?
Once authorized, Tax Reduction Services, Inc. (TRS) will file an initial tax grievance with your respective town, which is typically denied, but is a prerequisite to file an appeal for judicial review.
A judicial review of a property tax assessment is a proceeding brought under Article 7 of Real Property Tax Law (“RPTL”), and because of the legal complexity of this supreme court proceeding, TRS will engage one of our expert tax certiorari attorney (at no additional cost to you) to file the appeal.
According to the RPTL, the assessor is responsible for establishing a value for every property on the tax roll. In order to reduce your property taxes, TRS must prove that the value of your property is less than the assessor’s value.
TRS will extensively research, collect information, and determine the merits of your case. If our analysis indicates a reduction is in order, your case will be prepared for conference with your local town assessor for negotiations.
Any acceptable offers of reduction will be presented to the client and if accepted, a Stipulation of Settlement and Order will be submitted to the town for signatures. The documents are then submitted to the courts for review and signatures from a judge, before being filed with the Suffolk County Clerk for refunds.
The Suffolk County Comptroller will process refunds for all years grieved, litigated, or settled (typically retroactive to the first year filed).
If a settlement is reached, there is typically a three-year freeze, or moratorium, on the tax assessment and the new assessed value will not be changed for the next three succeeding tax years. In some cases, the moratorium is waived.

Who is authorized to hire TRS?

You must be an “aggrieved” party to sign our authorization agreement. An aggrieved party is someone who has a financial or specified interest in a property, including the property owners (individual or a corporation), a partner or officer, or a board of managers.
If you are a tenant and you pay the property taxes, please contact us at (631) 477-1304 to discuss your options.


What is TRS’s fee?
Our fee is thirty-three and one third (33-1/3%) percent of the total tax savings for all years grieved, litigated, or settled.
No additional costs are incurred for the use of the attorney.
No out-of-pocket expenses shall be incurred by client unless the client specifically authorizes such expense. Upon a successful reduction, a $35 stipulation fee and court filing fees of $305 for each year settled will be advanced by TRS and deducted from the refund.
If there is no reduction, there are no fees.


When is the filing deadline?
The grievance period in Suffolk County is from May 1st until the third Tuesday in May. Once this deadline passes you must wait until the following grievance period to file again.


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